Universal milling machine processing plane

Circular milling and end milling are two methods that are often used when processing a plane with a universal milling machine. Let’s take a closer look at both of these methods. 1. Circular milling Circular milling is done using a cutting edge distributed on a cylindrical surface to form a plane. Due to more milling…

Universal milling machine feed gearbox

The feed gearbox of the X6132 universal milling machine is shown in figure.The axis X of the feed box is provided with two friction plate electromagnetic clutches M1 and M2, which are respectively used for working feed and fast moving of the worktable and realizing interlocking by electric. When M1 is energized, the movement is…

Universal rotary head milling machine

Technical field The utility model belongs to ordinary drilling and milling machine, involving the bed, slide, ram, universal milling head structure optimization and upgrading. Background technique At present, the domestic drilling and milling machine presents many varieties, many styles, but the overall rigidity of the machine is not ideal, simple structure, small processing range, processing…

Chinese milling machine

Chinese milling machine
Milling machine (milling machine) refers to the main processing of various milling cutter on the workpiece surface of machine tools. Usually cutter rotating movement is given priority to, (and) the movement of the cutter for workpiece feeding movement.

China turret milling machine – DXMC Manufacturer

china turret milling machineThe main features of China turret milling machine is milling of small parts of the plane, bevel, spline grooves and so on, do finishing, especially the processing of small parts, with both vertical milling machine, universal milling, drilling performance. In machining, molds, equipment, instruments and other industries have a wide range of applications.