Milling machine case scope of operation

1, the lathe bed and parts cleaning, cleaning iron filings and the surrounding environment health;
2, check the oil surface, shall not be lower than the oil under the standard, each part of the filling of lubricating oil;
3, cleaners, clamp, measuring tool.
A milling machine operating range

Milling Machine Introduction

Many different kinds of milling machine, the most common is horizontal milling machine and vertical milling machine (universal). The difference is that the former spindle level Settings, the later vertical Settings.

1. horizontal universal milling machine

X6132 horizontal universal milling machine’s main components

The function of the milling machine

Milling machine refers to mainly use milling cutter in the processing of machine tools on the surface of the workpiece.
Usually cutter rotating movement is given priority to, (and) the movement of the cutter for workpiece feeding movement. It can processing plane, groove, processing all kinds of curved surface, the gear, etc. Milling machine in addition to milling flat, grooved, gear teeth, threads and spline shaft, also can processing complex surface, high efficiency planer, the main points of the structure type milling machine, cantilever type milling machine, ram-type milling machine, gantry milling machine,

Lift milling machine introduction

The workbench as a longitudinal, transverse and vertical feed movement of milling machine. Lift milling machine is used for machining medium and small parts of plane, groove, spiral surface or forming surface, etc., there are mainly three universal type, horizontal and vertical. (1) universal lift milling machine: the lathe bed and the base are linked…

How to choice milling machine manufacturer from china

10Tips must know when you choice
milling machine manufacturer from china

1. Distinguish between factories and foreign trade companies

Foreign trade companies are general agent for many factories of products at the same time, the price must be high, import from the factory directly there will be a lot of benefits, after sales, price technology and so on. Can you view more products pictures? if it is a foreign trade company, is likely to field of each product series images, shop decoration, site management level is different, so you can distinguish he is a foreign trade company or factory.

The fifth day of new year

The fifth day, commonly known as PoWu. The significance of the folk has the tradition of eating dumplings, a thriving business.According to the old habits will eat “jiaozi” water (the north called “cooking properties) 5, now some people only eat some time, some every other day to eat, but no eat, from the old mansion…

On the second day of new year

For the third day on the second day (northern region), married daughters will pay New Year call back with her husband and children back .Daughter back, must do a big bag of cookies, candy, distribute neighborhood folks by their mother, as the Chinese New Year.If there are multiple daughter’s home, and the daughter is not…