Chinese milling machine

Chinese milling machine
Milling machine (milling machine) refers to the main processing of various milling cutter on the workpiece surface of machine tools. Usually cutter rotating movement is given priority to, (and) the movement of the cutter for workpiece feeding movement.

China turret milling machine – DXMC Manufacturer

china turret milling machineThe main features of China turret milling machine is milling of small parts of the plane, bevel, spline grooves and so on, do finishing, especially the processing of small parts, with both vertical milling machine, universal milling, drilling performance. In machining, molds, equipment, instruments and other industries have a wide range of applications.

Universal milling machine china – DXMC

Universal milling machine precision milling, the milling cutter diameter to choose a few bigger, better tolerance for processing the whole width, to progress with a precision and efficiency. Universal milling machine machining allowance large and uneven, tool diameter of persons to be smaller, otherwise, will hang a knife knife scar too deep and affect the quality of workpiece.

Lm1450 universal milling machine – dxmc

LM1450-DXMC universal milling machine LM1450 universal milling machine is suitable for the use of various bar cutter, circle cutter, Angle cutter for milling flat, slant, trench, etc. If you are using a universal milling head, rotary table, dividing the first milling machine accessories, can expand LM1450 the machining scope. The LM1450 machine has enough rigidity…

Zx7550cw-dxmc drilling milling machine

ZX7550CW-DXMC ZX7550CW is square box multi-purpose drilling and milling machine, vertical milling is gear transmission, horizontal milling is belt transmission. ZX7550CW Equipped with mechanical feeder, which can realize the workbench longitudinal feed automatically, and has fast feed knife function, reduces the labor intensity and improves the machining accuracy and surface roughness. Lathe bed guide rail…