Chinese milling machine

Chinese milling machine
Milling machine (milling machine) refers to the main processing of various milling cutter on the workpiece surface of machine tools. Usually cutter rotating movement is given priority to, (and) the movement of the cutter for workpiece feeding movement.

China turret milling machine – DXMC Manufacturer

china turret milling machineThe main features of China turret milling machine is milling of small parts of the plane, bevel, spline grooves and so on, do finishing, especially the processing of small parts, with both vertical milling machine, universal milling, drilling performance. In machining, molds, equipment, instruments and other industries have a wide range of applications.

How to choice milling machine manufacturer from china

10Tips must know when you choice
milling machine manufacturer from china

1. Distinguish between factories and foreign trade companies

Foreign trade companies are general agent for many factories of products at the same time, the price must be high, import from the factory directly there will be a lot of benefits, after sales, price technology and so on. Can you view more products pictures? if it is a foreign trade company, is likely to field of each product series images, shop decoration, site management level is different, so you can distinguish he is a foreign trade company or factory.