Zx7550cw-dxmc drilling milling machine

ZX7550CW-DXMC ZX7550CW is square box multi-purpose drilling and milling machine, vertical milling is gear transmission, horizontal milling is belt transmission. ZX7550CW Equipped with mechanical feeder, which can realize the workbench longitudinal feed automatically, and has fast feed knife function, reduces the labor intensity and improves the machining accuracy and surface roughness. Lathe bed guide rail…

Zx6350c drilling and milling machine-dxmc

ZX6350C-DXMC ZX6350c worktable can be longitudinal and lateral movement, the spindle vertical layout, usually in the table type, the machine head can lift up and down. ZX6350C can drilling, milling, boring, grinding, tapping and so on. ZX6350C is cutting machine tools with many kinds of function. The spindle box can turn 90 ° around in…

The design of the main transmission requirements

The design of the main transmission requirements 1. Spindle of milling machine must have enough speed range and speed, to meet the requirements of actual use 2. The main motor and drive mechanism must supply and deliver enough power and torque, and has higher transmission efficiency 3. The implementation must have enough accuracy, stiffness, earthquake…

Milling Machine Maintenance regular basis

Universal milling machine maintenance procedures on a regular basis A. Appearance: 1. Scrub and each corner milling machine appearance, remove dust pollution, yellow robe black unlined upper garment, light lacquer see grey iron.   2. Unpick and wash the cover, the realization of inside and outside clean, and supplement the screw, nut, handle, handball.  …

Universal milling machine daily maintenance procedures

Universal milling machine daily maintenance procedures Before you start: 1. Wipe the milling machine appearance and exposed guideway, wire rod, workbench, and lubrication guide screw. 2. Check the lubrication as stipulated in the lubrication chart. 3. Open the run-in test the working parts of lubrication. After work: 1. Clean the dust, wipe and guideway workbench,…

milling machine‘s thermal deformation analysis

The influence of thermal deformation of milling machining Chinese Machine tool in the process of work, received the influence of internal and external heat source, the temperature of each part will be increased. Due to different parts of heat source and uneven distribution, and the complexity of the milling machine tool structure, thus not only…

Milling machine case scope of operation

1, the lathe bed and parts cleaning, cleaning iron filings and the surrounding environment health;
2, check the oil surface, shall not be lower than the oil under the standard, each part of the filling of lubricating oil;
3, cleaners, clamp, measuring tool.
A milling machine operating range

Milling Machine Introduction

Many different kinds of milling machine, the most common is horizontal milling machine and vertical milling machine (universal). The difference is that the former spindle level Settings, the later vertical Settings.

1. horizontal universal milling machine

X6132 horizontal universal milling machine’s main components

The function of the milling machine

Milling machine refers to mainly use milling cutter in the processing of machine tools on the surface of the workpiece.
Usually cutter rotating movement is given priority to, (and) the movement of the cutter for workpiece feeding movement. It can processing plane, groove, processing all kinds of curved surface, the gear, etc. Milling machine in addition to milling flat, grooved, gear teeth, threads and spline shaft, also can processing complex surface, high efficiency planer, the main points of the structure type milling machine, cantilever type milling machine, ram-type milling machine, gantry milling machine,